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subject ArtParis 2012 March 29th-April 1st Grand Palais, Paris.
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ArtParis 2012, Musee Shuim & Galerie Art Space Shuim

쉼박물관 & 쉼 갤러리 아트 스페이스에서는 지난해에 이어 올해 2012년에도 파리 그랑 팔레에서 열리는 세계적인 국제행사인 아트파리에 참여합니다.

작품 생활을 자신의 삶의 첫 순위에 두고, 아트 시장에 묻혀있는 좋은 한국 작가들을 세계 무대에 소개하고자 항상 노력하고 있습니다.

많은 성원 부탁드립니다.

Exhibited artists:
Joseph Beuys
Jiseon Hwang
Sun Ok Kang
Mi Soon Kim
Bul Lee
NamJune Paik
Jin Min Rhie
Ok Seok Seo
Sook Shin

« Soft and fragile things are the purest of life… »
As the feathers of the bird soaring high in the sky, my glass wings are life-filled freedom.
Without freedom, humans would not know how to love, and it would be impossible for them to find truth and justice.
It would also be impossible for them to understand faith and hope.
The reason for this is that freedom is the essence itself of what defines human beings.

Five or six years ago, when I first thought of making wings, I began with the beating of wings which frees me of difficulties and of the burden of my situation as it was at the time.
Now, I have come here, having left many things behind me…
My wings now beat with a different hope, the hope that I will find the wings of truth hidden deep inside me.

One says that “freedom” is similar to the dangerous wings of Icarus;
However, even if everything should melt and disappear, if only, during the course of this journey to find freedom, I could taste the bliss of finding the wings to my inner truth.

Artist Nam....


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